Hi Friends,

We would like to extend an invitation for you and/or your family to join or renew your Arc of Katy membership. To attend The Arc of Katy Socials and/or our Day Programs, participants must be members of The Arc of Katy in good standing. This means that your Arc of Katy dues must be paid for the current fiscal year.

Membership benefits:

  • As a member, you also become a member of The Arc of The United States and will receive The Arc of The U.S. newsletter.
  • Eligible to apply to attend our day programs (Fall, Spring, Summer) *In addition, participants must meet Arc of Katy day program guidelines to participate in the day programs.
  • May attend The Arc of Katy social activities - dances, bingo parties, movie nights *with completed required paperwork*
  • Eligible to receive our newsletter via email

Membership levels:

  • $50 - Individual/Family Membership
  • $100 - Patron of The Arc Membership
  • $500 - Silver Patron of The Arc Membership
  • $1000 - Gold Patron of The Arc Membership

If you are not sure if your membership is up to date, please call us: (832)-754-9802.