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To provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that enable each person to be included as a respected and active member of the community throughout their lifetime.

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Featured Participant

Jacob Bryant

We are pleased to feature Jacob (Jay) Bryant, a 27-year old participant in The Arc of Katy Adult Day Program. Jay has been participating in The Arc of Katy programs since May 2018. 


Jacob and his family say his hero is Jesus Christ, that The Arc of Katy provides him “fellowship with his peers,” and that he is gaining confidence praying for the group out loud. He feels confident and safe with The Arc of Katy staff and enjoys the fun activities. 


We asked Jacob to share some of his favorite things and here’s what he said:

·        Favorite food- all food

·        Favorite song- “Zero to Hero”

·        Favorite color- black

·        Favorite thing to do - listen to music with his imaginary friends

·        Favorite place to go - The Dollar Tree 


We enjoy having Jacob as a participant in The Arc of Katy programs. He is a wonderful young man!

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What they are saying about The Arc of Katy


"I have the best friends at The Arc Of Katy. The staff is wonderful. I really enjoy going to Bowl and playing Uno with my friends."

- Mary Harris, Participant



"I've had the distinct pleasure of watching The Arc of Katy grow from a small group of parents to a community of family, friends and professionals all with a common interest"

- Mary McDonald

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